7 Ways to Get the Great Gatsby 1920s Flapper Look

7 Ways to Get the Great Gatsby 1920s Flapper Look

Anyone who has seen ‘The Great Gatsby’ is sure to notice the unique style statements made by each character of the movie. Most women have been left enamored by the 1920s flapper look that the female characters in the movie sported. It is easy to reinvent the trend in modern times. If you wish to look as classy and sophisticated as them, here are some tips to implement.

1. Jeweled headbands

The cutest trend to have been revived from the 1920s is the headband. Women would wear extensive headpieces and jeweled, feathered or sequined caps. Remember, these are headbands and not hair bands that are to be worn on top of the head.

2. Pleated skirts

Search for pleated skirts in your departmental store or mall. You are sure to get calf length ones which were all the rage in the 1920s.

3. Short bob hair

Long hair was definitely out during that time. The trick is to have the guts to chop off your hair or you could sport a wig too. The hair should be a playful bob, just below your ears. It could be slightly touching the nape of your neck but not go beyond that. Also, side parting was in; not a surface side part but a deep one.

4. Stained lips

Think Clara Bow; it was the lip shape that defined the 20s style. The emphasis was on making lips look like dolls’ lips and forming a cupid’s bow with a lip liner. The 1920s pout was all about the bold stain; no shiny glosses. You could use Ruby Woo by M.A.C., which was used in the movie. First cover your lips in concealer and then draw on them with liner and lipstick. Don’t go overboard with concealer that’s too thick. After applying the lipstick, blot with a tissue, apply again and blot once more. Voila, now you have a stained lip!

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