5 Reasons Why Emma Watson is a Star to Watch Out For

5 Reasons Why Emma Watson is a Star to Watch Out For

Hermione Granger, the name is perhaps more popular than the name of the actor who portrayed the character. Not only did Emma Watson create a forceful impact with her role but also got onto the escalator to fame successfully. She is young, beautiful, charming, sophisticated and popular. But there are more reasons why this young star is one to watch out for. Read on to learn more.

1. Hermione Granger

Emma’s character portrayal of Miss Granger was effortless, impactful and exceptional. At the age of 10, she auditioned for the role that she eventually gave her soul and identity to. People all over the world remember this character that they can never erase from their memories. Hermione became a household name and every girl wanted to be like her. She was a role model to many with her confident attitude and intelligent stride and an ideal friend. So for all the wonderful attributes Emma managed to fill in Hermione’s character, she deserves massive applause.

2. Unique style

Emma may not be a fashion icon as yet but she always experiments with her closet and style and brings out a fashion statement truly unique to her. Most of the times she manages to get them right and stirs fashion epidemics. From wavy brown curls when the world first spotted her to the cute pixie cut at the end of filming of the Harry Potter saga and blonde highlights to charming brunette styles; her experiments are emulated by millions. She is the face of several global names and a constant in many fashion magazine shoots including Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen and Vogue.

3. Awards galore

All through her career that is dominated by her staggering presence in the Harry Potter series, Emma received numerous awards including best female actress and best supporting actress besides critical appreciation for her role. She also won the Leading Young Actress award for her role in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Her engagement in Ballet Shoes won her the Best UK TV Actress award.

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