Check Out These 5 Makeup Secrets To Look Young

5 Secrets of Makeup To Look Younger

In our quest to look young, we often resort to surgery, invasive and other medical procedures. What we forget to realize is, the secret to looking young also lies in using makeup in the right way. Read these top 5 makeup secrets to look young.

Tip 1: Use less and light powder

This makeup secret is easy to follow, and we love makeup tips that are easy, don’t we friends? For starters, a heavy powder base may give your skin a dull look. Secondly, darker powders make the skin look as if it has aged. For best results in using makeup, use a light or even a shimmery powder base to make your skin radiate the youthfulness inside you.

Tip 2: Use hydrating bases for your makeup foundation

While we talk about foundation, we come to our second makeup secret to look young. As the years go by, our skin takes a beating and tends to get dry. The trick is to use products that are hydrating and pumped with moisture as your base or foundation. Dull matte makeup products or makeup products with a petroleum jelly base can be very dehydrating on your skin. Our makeup secret to look young is all about using a foundation that has nourishing and moisturizing elements that help you to carry off the youthful look you’ve always wanted.

Tip 3: Have well defined eyebrows

Unkempt eyebrows can instantly add a few years to a woman’s look. If you have been neglecting your eyebrows, its time you listen to this makeup secret to look young and bring youth back on your face. Don’t go on a plucking rampage, however let your brows grow and then get them into shape by a professional at the salon. Keep them thin and well managed. Here’s one more tip to add to this makeup secret to look young. Define your eyebrows with a thin pencil. It will do wonders to add definition to your eyebrows and even make you look young.

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