6 Everyday Beauty Tips

6 Everyday Beauty Tips

Don’t you feel flattered when someone comments “you look gorgeous”? Stepping out in style just boosts your confidence. So, what does it require to stay beautiful everyday? Is it your face, your hair, your dress or your personality? Well, it’s a mix of everything. So, check out 6 everyday beauty tips that can draw some eyeballs towards you.

1. Follow a morning routine

On getting up, drink a glass of lukewarm water. If you stay hydrated, you can give a natural glow to your skin. During your morning shower, exfoliate your skin. Do not use chemical scrub every day; instead go for homemade scrub, made of tomato and sugar, alternately. Use a skin friendly moisturizer immediately after bath, so that the body absorbs it quickly. Next thing you have to check is your eyebrows. Pluck the extra eyebrows to retain its shape immediately after bath. Eyebrows are the striking feature of your face, so maintain it daily.

2. Dress appropriately

Your dress speaks about your personality. Dress appropriately and according to the occasion. Choose colors that go well with your skin tone and wear a dress that suits your body shape and personality. Also choose footwear according to the dress.

3. Follow a good makeup routine

Apply a moisturizer as a base on your face and neck. Then use a primer on your head, nose and chin. Apply concealer that matches your skin tone to cover any imperfections like dark circles or scars. This can be followed by foundation and a compact powder. If your skin is not quite oily, you can skip the primer.

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