How To Apply Liquid Foundation?

How To Apply Liquid Foundation

All you girls like to have flawless, glowing complexion. Even if you are not naturally gifted with it, you can always use a good foundation to get that look. Liquid foundation is the most desired among all other types of foundation available because it stays and is extremely easy to use. However if you don’t apply it well, it can make your skin look very chalky and fake. We bring you the basic steps that you need to follow when you apply liquid foundation.

When applying foundation, your main aim is to highlight your facial features and hide the flaws. In order to do that, follow these steps.

1. First wash your face thoroughly using a face wash and then pat dry with a towel. A clean face is always the first step to good makeup.

2. Now using a soft sponge dipped in some water, wipe your face off to clean any residue of dirt left.

3. Tie your hair so that it doesn’t mess with your face while you are applying foundation. Secure your bangs or fringes with bobby pins. Once you are done with that, you may move to the next step.

4. If you have dry skin or combination skin type, start by applying a primer. If your skin is too oily, use an anti shine serum. This will give your skin a good base.

5. Then using your fingers or a sponge, dab dots of foundation all over your face, ears and neck. Make sure that the foundation is spread evenly all over your face. In order to do that perfectly, use two dots on each of your cheek, one on your chin, one on your nose and two on your forehead. Similarly, apply the foundation evenly on your neck and ears.

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