8 Things We All Miss About Childhood

8 Things We All Miss About Childhood

Childhood is one of the best phases in any person’s life. There is no way that one can match the pleasures of childhood fun to that of adult life, because once we are adults, we know that life is plain boring. Yes, people will contradict saying that adult life too has a lot of fun, and it all really depends on being young at heart. But let’s face it; once you are an adult, you are too old to do some things, which you could manage to do only as a kid. Here is a list of things that we all miss about our childhood at some point or the other.

1. Love and Attention

As kids, we knew that we could simply walk in a room and get everyone’s attention in just a second. As adults, it is impossible to do so. And to fulfill that childish desire in us, to get love, affection and attention from everyone, we try in a lame manner to dress nicely and look attractive. But as kids, you never had to do anything else than being yourself, and you knew that you had the world by your side.

2. School Life

Yes, everyone would crib and sulk over homework and waking up early in the morning. But since school life got over, there has been no other phase that offered that much fun again. School had its own magic. It was a place where fun and responsibility walked hand in hand.

3. The Ease in Making Friends

The ease with which you made friends during childhood is truly unparalleled. Of course, you can make friends later on in pubs, workplace etc. But childhood required sharing of just one meal or a chocolate to become friends with someone. There was no thinking of ‘whether this person will turn out to be useful or not for me at some point in life’. There was no making of ‘contacts’, just plain friends.

4. Willingness to Forgive

This is something that we all forgot perhaps as we grew up. As children, it was so easy to forgive someone and be forgiven too. Your parents forgave you, and you forgave others in just a few moments. With growing up, this ease and willingness to forgive somehow passed away.

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