6 Halloween Party Songs for Kids

6 Halloween Party songs for kids

Halloween is the time the monstrous pumpkin and the spookiness in everyone come out. It is also the time that the kids have a lot of fun and eat candies till they get sick of it. Although kids go out on their candy hunt in their super cute costumes, they are not going to spend the whole evening doing so. You will have to keep them entertained at home too. Having a bunch of kid at home and entertaining them is a tough deal. If you are planning to throw a party for them, here are some ideas for a party playlist. These songs are spook inducing and will entertain the kids a lot.

1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller

It is not too scary a song and although it is from the eighties the graphics in the song is pretty good. Although little kids might end up getting scared, older kids will have a blast watching Michael Jackson turn into a werewolf. The whole theme of the song is pretty scary and together with the video it is one of the top Halloween picks for a kids Halloween party.

2. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr

This song is a great pick too. The movie is one of the all time Halloween classics and the theme song will never bore anyone even if it is being played year after year. Since it is also funny, kids of any age can watch it and have fun in your Halloween party.

3. A nightmare on my street by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince

This is also a song from the eighties, long before will smith became a big Hollywood hero. He was still a rapper and this song was based on the movie, Nightmare on Elms Street. It has a very catchy tune and your kids will soon start dancing to it in the party. You will also be called a cool mum for playing rap songs.

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