8 Ways to Avoid Breaking Friendships

Ways to Avoid Breaking Friendships

There’s no other relationship in the world more rewarding than friendship. Every relation changes you in some way or the other. But true friends, accept each other as they are. Free-thinking, free-spirited and unconditioned love, friends are very precious. So want your best pals to have your back lifelong? Read on to know some ways to avoid breaking friendships.

1. Understand the other’s point of view

Most friendships are broken usually because of misunderstandings, hardly anything else. You have to understand that though you might be friends, you are two different individuals. Your opinions may not match every time. Respect your friend’s views. Appreciate the importance of rationality.

2. Stay in touch

No calls or texts from your best buddy since a week? Don’t flare up instantly. Instead, why not call him up yourself? Friendship has no place for ego. If your friend hasn’t called, you call him up, hang out once in a while. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you come across an old friend’s number. This will only strengthen the bond between you two.

3. Don’t keep a grudge

Fights are bound to happen between friends. But, you mustn’t hold on to that fight. If there is something bothering you about the way your friend behaved the last time, say it to him. You cannot expect him to read what’s in your mind, right? Let go of the little flaws and misunderstandings to build greater understanding.

4. Never backbite

You had a terrible argument with your best friend? Not on speaking terms anymore? One thing you should never ever do is speak ill about your friend to another person. Whatever grudge or issue you may have with your pal, say it to his face. Don’t bitch about him behind his back. This will sour the relationship further leaving no room for reconciliation.

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