5 Signs He is Bored With You

Signs He is Bored With You

There are some relationships where you get the vibe really early that it is meant to go for long. And then there are those relationships where even after spending the longest time together, you don’t feel the kind of kick and passion that most other people around you would be feeling in their relationships. Usually, when you are worried about the state and progress of your relationship, then it indicates that your partner is probably bored with you.

It’s not necessary that your partner is bored of you because of some changes in you, but it could also be because of some circumstances or situations. Here are some signs that indicate that he is probably not feeling the same way about you as he used to at the start of the relationship.

1. He doesn’t respond that quickly

At the start of the relationship, people are mushy and cheesy. They respond to messages and calls almost instantly, and make time to respond to each other even in the middle of a hectic day. If he has lost the need for that urgency to reply, or if you feel that he isn’t that excited about responding to you in time, then he’s probably bored with you.

2. He doesn’t plan anything new

He doesn’t suggest any new places to go to, and does not initiate conversations about going for a holiday or chilling during the weekend. He is okay with whatever you say, and spending time with each other seems really mundane. He may even not show the urgency or excitement to meet you in the evening after a long day of work, and before you know, it may be a week since you last met properly.

3. He doesn’t tell you much about his life

Earlier, he may be telling you everything about what’s happening at work, about his coworkers, his mood swings, his ambitions and plans. Now he doesn’t tell you anything, and you end up finding about things from mutual friends. In other words, he doesn’t look forward to talking about his day with you.

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