5 Common Diet Mistakes People Make

5 Common Diet Mistakes People Make

A lot of people start dieting seriously, but very few are able to achieve the desired results. Even when they think they are doing everything right, things don’t go as they plan and they are often left wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” To get an answer to this question, you should know about some common mistakes people make while dieting.

1. Skipping meals

Many people feel that when they are dieting they need to stop eating, so the obvious thing for them is to skip meals. In reality, this is the worst thing you can do. Skipping meals actually triggers your body to accumulate more fat because your body feels that the food is in short supply and it needs to start stocking. Further, it slows down your metabolism. The best thing is to have light meals, around 5-6 in a day, at regular intervals.

2. Drinking too much of fruit juice

People feel that fruit juice is a healthier option, so they tend to have them without restraint. In reality, most of the fruit juices are devoid of dietary fiber and are basically providing you with calories which you drink up pretty quickly. That’s why it is always better to have a whole fruit rather than its juice.

3. Changing lifestyle too suddenly

Most of the times, people just suddenly plan to change their whole lifestyle in one day. So one day they are indulging in cheese loaded pizzas and sinful chocolate desserts, and the next day they embark on their ‘dieting journey’ and shift suddenly to salads and soups. Such sudden lifestyle changes leave you craving. Ultimately, in a few days you succumb to temptation and all your dieting plans come crashing down. So the key to success is to start gradually so that the changes in lifestyle are permanent.

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