9 Things Women Want Men to Know

9 Things Women Want Men to Know

Sometimes you wished your man knew what you want even without you having to tell him. Many times, it turns out to be that those things are the most obvious but often overlooked by men. The disappointment or fury you experience then cannot be equated to anything else. And all hell breaks loose when the man ignores or belittles whatever is important to you. So, here’s a list of all things women want their men to know.

1. Step up

Especially at times of conflicts. A man is expected to stand up for his woman and protect her in times of need. It is very appalling if a woman has to ask for it.

2. Personal hygiene

Although it is “personal”; it must be kept to the expected standards all the more so when the man is in a relationship. Having to ask your man to smell good or watch out for mouth odor is not the most pleasant of tasks.

3. Paying attention

You feel like hurling something onto his head when you are discussing something important and he watches the television with an occasional nod. It gets worse when you realize that he hasn’t even noticed that you have walked out of the room then.

4. Not everything is related to sex

A touch or a lovely talk does not equate to sex. It just means that you want some love, pampering and/or attention. Affection of all kinds should not have the only ultimate motive. And saying “I love you” before, during and after is not when you expect them to say that.

5. Compliments

Every woman wishes her man saw her the way he did during those initial days. Paying compliments is not a difficult thing. You may be dressed to the nines but when your man cares a hoot about how you’re dressed, you feel disappointed and let down.

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