8 Signs You are a Sagittarius

8 Signs You are a Sagittarius

It is one of the most positive signs of all the twelve Zodiac signs and you should consider yourself pretty lucky to have been born under this sign. If you exhibit some or all of the characteristics below, then you would surely be a Sagittarius.

1. You have a jovial attitude

You not only have this attitude towards life, but you also keep others in high spirits and splits with your comments and quips about everything in life. You just are a positive influence for many people as you exude charm.

2. You are extremely confident

Sometimes your confidence is such that you might be seen as being cocky. But your positive attitude endears you to others and they really do not mind even if you are cocky. This makes you take a few additional risks when you are trying to get something done.

3. You timing is near perfect

You need to have a deeper understanding of life and strive constantly to understand life and its deeper meaning. Since you are also a party animal, people might think you are made of lesser stuff. But they do so at their own peril coz you are much more than what you portray to be.

4. You get bored easily if it does not appeal to your intellect

You need to have something substantial to get really interested in anything. If it does not simulate you intellectually, then you lose interest very quick. This can be said of your relationships too. The other person has to work really hard to keep your interest levels going.

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