9 Reasons Why Guys Become Distant in a Relationship

 Reasons Why Guys Become Distant in a Relationship

He loves you. You love him. The two of you have shared so much together that has only brought you closer to each other. You feel you have finally found “The one”, but oh dear! You can’t help but notice the way things are changing of late. Maybe the number of times he calls you has dropped or maybe he doesn’t share important details of his life with you any more. Maybe he has been avoiding meeting you or maybe he hardly seems interested in your life like he used to before. These are signs that he is growing distant from you. What could be the reason for it? Listed here are some reasons why he is being distant in the relationship.

1. He needs space

Think about your relationship with him. Does he have a life besides you? Does he go to meet his friends and family members often? Does he get time away from you to miss you? Does he have a say about what he wants to do in your relationship? If you find yourself answering “Yes” to the above questions, then it is very much possible that this is his way of asking you for some space. Space is important in a relationship, no matter how much couples tend to ignore its necessity. In the absence of space, sooner or later, no matter how wonderful a relationship is, it will lose its luster, fun and excitement.

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2. He has taken you for granted

If your guy knows very clearly that you are going to be there for him no matter what he says or does, it is possible that he takes you for granted. Sometimes it is required to stand up for yourself in a relationship. Sacrifices are sweet, but not all the time. If your guy is under the impression that it doesn’t matter how he treats you, you will still be there for him, he might just take you for granted. This can result in him taking interest in things other than you, thus explaining the distance.

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3. He is bored

Relationships start off as really exciting and near to perfection. However, as time passes couples see and understand the flaws existing in each other. Hence, at such times it is very important to constantly do new things to keep things interesting between you two. If such things lack, then your guy might just get bored of your relationship. If he is bored of your relationship, he will start finding other ways to keep him entertained and happy. This will slowly result in him growing distant from you.

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4. He thinks you have changed

Many a times, guys are not very good at communicating how they feel. Therefore not always will he be able to say directly what he feels. He probably got into a relationship with you because of something about you that he really liked or attracted him towards you. Hence, if he finds that same quality about you fading away, he too might lose interest in you. This could be the reason for him growing distant.

5. He is interested in somebody else

If he has been avoiding you constantly and you suspect him lying to you about his whereabouts on more than one occasion, this could be a possible reason. There are times when infidelity gets the better of a guy in a relationship. He could be finding a very vital missing element in your relationship with someone else. This could lead to him getting interested in that person.

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