6 Signs He’s Your Soulmate

6 Signs He's Your Soulmate

The word soulmate sounds unreal only until you have found yours. They are rare to find but once found, they are difficult to part with. It is said that soulmates are made in heaven. However, everyone has their own ideas for a solumate. Some go for looks, some for feeling and some for money. But in reality, ever wondered what you should really look for in a soulmate? Here are few signs that he is your soulmate.

1. There is an instant connection

Right on the first date, you feel like you have known him for long. He feels like an open book. On every date you hit it from where you last left. You go on and on for hours and he is a party to it. Meanwhile, in moments of silence, there is no awkwardness. You don’t rush your mind to quickly find a topic. Even his silence feels comforting.

2. You can be yourself

You are at complete easy in his presence. You crack jokes, act crazy or make foolish statements without any hesitation and you laugh together wholeheartedly. He doesn’t make you feel loud or un-lady-like. He enjoys it all. There is no pressure to play the perfectionist. You are not worried to show off your weakness and getting caught in embarrassing moments.

3. You have healthy arguments

Everyone has the right to have their own ideas and principles in life. Any two people are bound to agree or disagree with certain points, even if you are soulmates. You are honest about your views but he does not let it come in the way of your relationship. He patiently listens to all your points and works with you to find a solution that both agree upon and make adjustments.

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