7 Tips to Give Your Room a Makeover

7 Tips to Give Your Room a Makeover

Giving your room a makeover could be an excellent exercise, especially when you are bored of its monotony. A makeover helps avoid a stale feeling that the room generates, if nothing has been moved around for a while. It is also important to realize that the makeover isn’t about splurging on new stuff. In most cases, you can reuse things to give your room a fresh look and a dash of your personality.

1. Start with the walls

If the room hasn’t been painted for a while, see if you can indulge in some bright, flashy colors. There are painting contractors who can even give you wonderful designs, aesthetic and out-of-the-ordinary, instead of the plain colors you are so used to seeing all the time. Try different shades, even patterns and textures. You can go for a graffiti look on one of your walls, if you are a lady who loves art, especially contemporary. You can cover up half the wall, with interesting posters or newspapers for that library feel, if you are keen about it. Color schemes are important whether you choose subtle shades like gray or brighter shades like purple.

2. Travel mementos

If you have traveled a bit and you have collected a few mementos, display them. You can use bedside tables, shelves, consoles or even tea-tables. Items like bowls, shells, sculpted objects, glass objects, paintings, pottery objects, etc. can be used as display pieces. Not only will this give a fresh feel to your room, it will also ensure that you remind yourself of the fun times, you have had in the past.

3. Create sensual bliss

Make sure your room turns into a haven of relaxation. Use softer colors if possible around you. Keep it cooler. Try to avoid anything that only increases your anxiety, like large bright display pieces or flashy bed-sheets. Pay attention to the smell as well. Make it adorable through the use of candles, incense sticks or diffusers. Have a reading corner and if possible use lavender around it to soothe your nerves. Silk and soft cottons can be cozy and add to your sense of luxury.

4. Rearrange things

Even if you don’t change anything in the room, rearrange whatever exists. This will give the room a new look and feel. Changing the angles will help you get a fresh perspective as well, watching different walls, different colors and different prospects.

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