6 Differences Between Marriage and a Live-In Relationship

6 Differences Between Marriage and a Live-In Relationship

There are many couples who are choosing cohabitation over marriage. The debate is endless and neither of the options can assure a successful relationship. So, instead of taking sides here, we would like to just give you some of the basic differences between marriage and a live-in relationship.

1. The commitment

Marriage entails a stronger commitment since you take your vows in front of all your loved ones. You vow to love each other in sickness and in health in a proper public ceremony. You celebrate the commitment that you have made and so you feel responsible for the marriage’s failure or success. On the other hand, a live-in relationship does not entail any formal act of making a public commitment to each other. You instead have an indeterminate, casual, and private arrangement.

2. Ending the relationship

If you want to divorce to your spouse, then you have to go through a lengthy legal procedure. On the other hand, in case of cohabitation, you can simply walk away from the relationship if you are unhappy. There are many couples who choose a live-in relationship over a formal marriage so as to stay away from the troubles, complications, and expenses of a legal divorce.

3. The dependency

Marriage involves two individuals who are completely interdependent and are in an exclusive bond. On the other hand, when you are having a live-in relationship, you are likely to behave as two independent individuals who are jointly occupying a particular space.

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