5 Reasons Why Men Hate Answering Questions

 Reasons Why Men Hate Answering Questions

Are you tired of him not answering your questions? Are his monosyllabic responses getting on to your nerves? Do you often wonder what on earth is wrong with him and why he doesn’t answer? Well, men hate answering questions and this is a universal phenomenon. Here’s why it is so:

1. There’s never a right answer

Often men hate answering questions because they think that there’s never a right answer that can satisfy the ladies out there. If you ask, ‘ Am I looking fat?’ and he replies ‘No’ then you label him as a ‘liar’. And if god forbids he answers in affirmative, then all hell breaks loose for the poor guy. Now do you get it why he wants to stay away from answering those mysterious questions?

2. He simply doesn’t know

Hey girls, sometimes the poor dude simply doesn’t know. That’s why he prefers to dodge those tricky questions where you ask him about which dress will go with what and which lipstick makes you look sexier and all other similar questions that you may have for him. So next time he utters ‘hmm’ or other monosyllables to your questions, let it go and trust your instincts.

3. He just wants to relax

After coming back from office, girls love to chatter but guys simply want to lie in front of their TV and watch their favorite programs silently. ‘How was your day?,’ ‘What did you do?,’ ‘How’s that project going on?,’ ‘Is your boss still being harsh on you?,’ and all other such questions will be quite a task for him to answer. Just accept the fact that guys are like that only. Let him be the couch potato that he wants to be after a hectic day at work.

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