4 Symptoms of a Missed Miscarriage

4 Symptoms of a Missed Miscarriage

A missed miscarriage is a ‘silent’ miscarriage. It is a miscarriage which a pregnant woman has ‘missed’, i.e. the fetus has died but the pregnant woman is not aware that the pregnancy has been terminated. This is because fetus and the fetal tissue have not been expelled from the body like in case of ‘normal’ miscarriage. The fetal heart beat stops inside the mother’s womb and thus it is termed as ‘missed miscarriage’.

Since there are no obvious symptoms like expelling of fetus from the body, it is often very difficult for the woman to realize and accept that she has lost her baby. There are some symptoms which can signal that a missed miscarriage has taken place and every woman should know about them. Read on to know about those symptoms of a missed miscarriage.

1. Decrease in signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Often at the onset of pregnancy, women start experiencing certain signs and symptoms like morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and breast tenderness. In case of missed miscarriage, since the pregnancy gets terminated, there’s a decrease in the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. So if you find that earlier you suffered from morning sickness which suddenly disappeared or has reduced in intensity, then it may be a symptom that something is amiss.

2. Vaginal discharge

If a pregnant woman experiences brown vaginal discharge, which later on changes color and becomes blood like or bright red, then it’s time to visit a gynecologist. You must not take this lightly as it may be yet another symptom of missed miscarriage.

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