5 Sure Signs He’ll be Good in Bed

5 Sure Signs He'll be Good in Bed

When women fantasize about guys they surely imagine and wonder how would he be in bed. There are ways women can figure out if a guy will be good in bed or not. For those interested, here are 5 sure signs that he will be good in bed.

1. He does not boast of his virility

If a guy is really good in bed he will not need to brag or boast about his skills in bed. He won’t boast about his past experiences or about how much satisfaction he can give. A guy who is good will know it as a matter of fact. His confidence will come through in the way he charms you.

2. He maintains good eye contact

Eye contact is very important especially when it comes to dating or even flirting. You know how it feels when a guy makes deep and passionate eye contact with you. That intense moment says so much, that just his eyes and the way he looks at you will give you an idea of how it will play out in the bedroom.

3. He uses his body well to express himself

Body language says a lot about a person – it shows confidence, anxiety, nervousness, pride, etc. A guy who is confident and shows it through his hand gestures and body language could be good in bed. The way he uses his hands to express himself and talk, the way he gently touches you on the arm, the way he leans in to whisper are all indications of his skills as a lover. A guy who uses his confidence and smooth skills is sure to throw you in a tizzy.

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