5 Signs You Are In The Perfect Romantic Relationship

 Signs You are in the Perfect Romantic Relationship

Is there anything called the perfect romantic relationship? ‘No. It is a figment of some romantic author’s overworked brain’. This would be the answer of some cynic or probably one who has never experienced romantic love. On the other hand, someone who has experienced love would answer in an affirmative. No matter what anyone says, it is difficult to either quantify love or have a standard template that tells people what romantic love is. The truth about love and to an extent romantic love is that it is based on what your idea of romanticism is and what love is. Everyone has a different idea of how they should feel when they are in love or how they should be made to feel. But there are a few things that most people have in common when it comes to romantic love. Here are some signs that you are in a perfect romantic relationship.

1. You are happy and content

One of the best things that can happen to you when you are in love is that you are very happy and content in your life. And when you are in a truly romantic relationship, there is abundance of love and there are always reasons for you to be happy and content. Happiness in a romantic relationship does not happen in spurts but you are just happy throughout.

2. There are a lot of flowers

Although a lot of people associate romantic love with sappiness, there is actually nothing wrong with flowers in one’s life. If flowers speak the universal language of romantic love and you get a lot of flowers in your life, you are surely in an amazing romantic relationship. Never let go of a man who gifts you flowers. He is not ashamed of indulging in your likes and does not mind spending a fortune on flowers.

3. There is a lot of intimacy

A balanced romantic love is the perfect mixture of emotional intimacy and physical desire. You are wooed both for your mind and for your body. You know you are in a romantic relationship when you do not feel objectified when the guy talks about your body and worships it. You know for sure that he loves you and not just the physical aspect of you.

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