8 Great Tips for Skin Care In 30s

8 Great Tips for Skin Care In 30s

30s is the time that most women dread because this is when fine lines, pigmentation and signs of aging begin to appear. These signs are subject to skin type as well. People with excessively dry skin experience more signs of aging that appear earlier than for people with normal and oily skin. People with oily skin age the slowest. However, if you follow some good skin care tips, you can ensure that you look great throughout your 30s and beyond.

1. Eat foods rich in antioxidants

Free radicals in the body can create havoc on the skin, besides posing a threat of cancer in the body. One of the best skin care tips in the 30s is to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Grapes and nuts are excellent in this regard.

2. Exfoliate without fail

The dead skin layer on the skin does not allow the fresher skin within to surface. So, you need to exfoliate. Scrubbing your face with a mild scrub helps in reducing occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will glow if you exfoliate .

3. Moisturize with a suitable moisturizer

In the 30s, skin begins to lose elasticity because of the loss of collagen. Reduction in moisture binding capacity of the skin also results in fine lines and wrinkles. So, make sure that you apply moisturizer twice a day. Moisturized skin remains supple and soft.

4. Apply skin tightening packs

Due to loss of collagen from the skin, the skin begins to develop a slight sag. In order to prevent this, use skin tightening packs. These are to be applied only after cleansing and exfoliation and never before it.

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