6 Best Yoga Poses For Women

4. Balance pose

This pose is good for overall health of your body. As most women suffer from the problem of knee pain, this pose helps to prevent the problem. It helps to increase the flexibility of the knee joints. The pose is good to increase the core body strength including the lower back side of the body. This pose also helps to increase the immunity. Balance pose is also good for memory and concentration. Focus on one leg and hold the position and practice with another.

5. Forward bend pose

This pose is good to relax your upper body and spine area. It also works on your hamstrings and calf muscles. It helps to strengthen the neck as well as prevent neck pain. You can also practice this pose on an alternate basis. Place your hands and legs and make a pose to lift your body from the center, this should be even from both the sides. Practice this pose only if you are comfortable and under guidance if you are a beginner.

6. The child pose

This pose may be difficult, but it is really good for period problems of women. A child pose also works at strengthening the neck and back area in a positive way. This pose helps to relieve the lower back tension or tightness in the body.

Practice the above yoga poses to stay healthy and fit. If you are a beginner, take advice before you start with the above poses.

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