6 Surprise Cleaning Agents in Your House

6 Surprise Cleaning Agents in Your House

Cleaning the house is a tedious process, especially when one has to think about which cleaning agents to purchase and how much to invest in them. If you are on a tight budget (which almost everyone nowadays is), it’s best to look inside your own kitchen for items that are actually as good as chemically treated detergents, solutions and soaps. Here are some surprising and unusual day to day ingredients that can work their magic and keep your home dirt free.

1. Toothpaste

White toothpaste which is hit gel based can work its cleaning wonders on a variety of household items. Use it to polish silver or eliminate unbecoming marks and stains from hard floors and counters. In fact, it can also clean off black marks from athletic shoes made of leather.

2. White vinegar

White vinegar is a multipurpose item since it serves a variety of purposes such as remove odors, iron out clothes or kill ants and bugs. When you mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio, it can clean almost anything, be it the bathtub, toilet, sink, counter-tops, stoves, tables, window panes, etc.

3. Peroxide

That peroxide has converted many a brunette into a blonde effortlessly is well known. But it’s cleansing powers are still not that popular. Just make a solution of water with hydrogen peroxide, 1:1 and spritz it on stains on white or light colored clothes to remove them.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol, be it beer, whiskey, vodka or rum, don’t serve only one purpose of making merry. When mixed with water in 1:1 ratio, they can become great cleaning agents for usage against mildew and bacteria as well as cleaning tables, mirrors, bathroom tiles, glass items, bathtubs, killing bacteria, ants, bugs, etc.

5. Stale bread

Before you throw away stale bread, you could put it to use for cleaning smudges and marks on walls. Simply wipe these stains with a soft cloth first and then allow the sponginess of the bread to remove the stain instantly as you swipe it across them.

6. Lemon juice

Lemon is a citrus fruit and hence has acidic bleaching qualities which can make brass and copper items shine like new. You could slice a lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut side which you can use to scrub dishes, surfaces and stains. You can also polish your hardwood furniture with a mixture of half cup lemon juice combined with a cup of olive oil.

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