5 Places You Should Never Take a Selfie

5 Places You Should Never Take a Selfie

With selfie queens and kings ruling Facebook and Instagram pages, you can no more be ignorant of this new trend. The Oxford Dictionaries have even named “selfie” as the word of the year. While clicking self-images aka selfies and sharing it with friends can be fun and exciting, it should be noted that not all places are appropriate to click selfies. Check out 5 places that you should avoid while taking selfies.

1. At an accident spot

Agree that selfies are great means to show off your super cool styles, but if the background is an accident spot, isn’t it a bit cruel? There is no delight in taking your picture at a tragic spot, so stay away from the way of emergency services and move to some other serene areas.

2. At a funeral

You should be a real blockhead to click a selfie with a coffin in the background or at the funeral place. It is not only creepy, but disrespect to the departed soul. As funerals are a emotionally draining period for the family, paying some digital respect can be the least thing you can do.

3. On the driver’s seat

Nothing can be as dangerous as taking a selfie while driving. Though your only intention would be to grab some eyeballs, such dangerous act can sometimes distract you. You might be putting yourself in danger or might hit someone else on the road.

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