Should You Kiss On The First Date?

Should You Kiss On The First Date?

Hmm. Interesting question, isn’t it? This is one question that you must have pondered upon time and again. A first kiss can make or break the future of your relationship. You ask how? We say that’s because if you kiss at the wrong time or are just too rushy in pulling away when he’s still kissing you, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Girls, there are a lot of factors that are necessary for you to consider before deciding whether you should kiss on your first date or just wait. Don’t worry we are here to answer that issue. But keep in mind that there are no rules for kissing on the first date.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself this question – What kind of a date are you going on? Is it your first date with a friend you know, is it a blind date or is it a date with someone you met online?

If it’s a common friend whom you’ve been hanging out with in a group and this is the first time that you both are alone, then this is a good chance to know him better. The fact that you are on a date with him also speaks that you like him and are comfortable with him. If all goes good, then a gentle kiss would be appropriate to end the date.

In the other cases, such as a blind date or a date with someone you met online, you should be wary of kissing on the first date. First and foremost, you don’t know the person well even if you have talked with him online. Remember this, what people say on the Internet might be far from reality, from what they actually are. Get to know them during the date, their behavior with you and more importantly with others around you as this will tell you how they behave with others (for eg. the waiter, valet parking attendants,etc.). As for a blind date, you actually need to gage the other person using the same parameters like behavior, attitude or dressing style to see whether he is worthy of your kiss on the first date.

Another factor that will help you in deciding whether you should kiss on the first date is the compatibility factor between you both. If you know each other well since a long time but haven’t had a chance to meet up, close and personal and are also very comfortable in each others company, then a kiss would be just fine.

Here’s one more reason why you may kiss on your first date. Earlier, we had advised you to think before you kiss a person on a blind date depending on various factors. Another factor is, if you spent a good time with him on your date. He is well mannered, has a great sense of humor, takes good care of you and the likes. If you both couldn’t take your eyes off each other during the whole date, then you could end it with a soft and light kiss. But if things didn’t go too well on your date, then it’s best not to kiss.

All said and done, it’s really you who should decide whether you should go for a kiss on your first date or not. The above mentioned tips might be useful for you along the way.

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