How to Be Best Friends With Your Crush?

How to Be Best Friends With Your Crush?

The thing with a crush is that it won’t last forever. To put it in marketing terms, a crush has a very short shelf life. The intensity of a crush vanishes as quickly as it emerges. So, what will you do with your crush once your intensity dilutes? How about making your crush your BFF – that is, your best friend forever? If you are interested, the following tips would help you learn how to be friends with your crush.

1. Shed Shyness

The first thing is to get familiarized with your crush. If you have already made the first move, that’s fine. Otherwise, get yourself introduced to him. If you and your crush remain strangers, no relationship is going to develop between you two.

Sometimes you will be lucky. There is bound to be some common acquaintance. Otherwise, think about ways by which you can acquaint yourself with your crush. It is futile to wait for some divine intervention that will provide an opportunity to bump into him. Shed your shyness and inhibitions. But do not reveal your heart too early.

2. Be Frank Whenever You Can

Frankness sometimes can be counter productive. You need to develop an optimum level of frankness. Do not reveal too much. Do not conceal too much either. You can be absolutely frank with him after being friends with your crush.

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