5 Things You Never Knew About Daniel Day Lewis

5 Things You Never Knew About Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis was recently in the limelight for winning the Oscar as the Best Actor in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln in 2012. He is said to be a very private actor because of which not much is known about him. Here are a few interesting facts about this fantastic actor.

1. His artistic lineage

Daniel Day-Lewis is of an English-Irish descent. He was born in 1957 in London to Cecil Day-Lewis and actress Jill Balcon. Cecil Day-Lewis was an Anglo-Irish Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom and his mother was an actress who worked in film, radio and on the stage. Daniel Day-Lewis has a sister named Tamasin Day-Lewis who is a television chef and documentary filmmaker. His grandfather Sir Michael Balcon is known to have produced many of Alfred Hitchcock’s early films and his wife Rebecca Miller is the daughter of renowned writer Arthur Miller.

2. His extreme dedication to work

Daniel Day-Lewis is famous for being an extremely dedicated and devoted actor. He is said to thoroughly research his roles and be in character through the shoot of almost the entire movie that he is working in. For example, he is said to have actually spent weeks among cerebral palsy patients and be in a wheelchair all through the filming of the movie My Left Foot. During the shoot of the film The Last of the Mohicans, he is said to have actually learned how to hunt animals and eat them like a true native American Indian. He also learned Czech for his role in the movie The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Daniel Day-Lewis is said to have read over a hundred books on Lincoln for his title character in Spielberg’s Lincoln to be able to replicate the former American President’s personality with authenticity.

3. His great picks as an actor

Daniel Day-Lewis does very limited number of roles. Some of his famous films include A Room with a View, Gandhi, My Beautiful Laundrette, The Last of the Mohicans, Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood, Nine and Lincoln among many others. From 1998 to 2012, Daniel Day-Lewis has starred in only five movies.

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