6 Reasons When Divorce is Not The Answer to Infidelity

6 Reasons When Divorce is Not The Answer to Infidelity

Couples are likely to resort to divorce when they can’t seem to get over an incident of cheating. But there are some reasons when getting a divorce is not the only solution to infidelity. Bitterness, stress, anxiety and frustration are likely to be the common outcomes of a divorce, so give it a second thought. Read on to know about what these reasons are.

1. When your partner has cheated under the influence of alcohol

Divorce may not necessarily be the answer to infidelity if your husband cheated on you under the influence of alcohol. This is not to say that just because your husband was drunk, he has a reason to be excused for having cheated. It just means that you should consider his side of the story before going for a divorce straight away. Chances are that he may not be aware of what he did or may not even remember his actions.

2. When your partner is truly repentant

Infidelity can destroy any marriage and couples should be prepared to deal with cheating in any form. Couples should also be open to the fact that they can make mistakes in their relationship and they should be forgiving of each other, depending on the scale of the mistake. If your husband has apologized to you a million times and seems truly repentant of his sinful actions, give your divorce a thought. Being forgiving once may save you from a lifetime of loneliness.

3. When you have no proof or evidence

It is natural to act alarmed and cautious on sensing that your partner could be cheating on you. But if you don’t have enough proof or evidence of his infidelity, think before you go for a divorce. If you put allegations of infidelity on your husband without any evidence, he could taunt you for making false claims.

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