7 Tips on What to do If Your Child doesn’t Listen to You

7 Tips on What to do If Your Child doesn't Listen to You

Most parents have a common topic to talk on, that their kids just don’t listen to what they say. If you find yourself in the same boat, then you are surely not alone. There are many reasons why kids don’t listen. It could be because of aggression or bullying nature. Listed below are some tips on what to do if your child doesn’t listen to you.

1. Be dependable in your approach

Your child would emulate you in every way. You are the only role model for your child. Be dependable in your approach when you tell your child something. For instance, if you make a promise, fulfill that promise. Anything small or big always affects the mind of a child. If you don’t keep your word or promise, your child will also not listen to you. So, be real.

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2. Do not make false promises

If you cannot fulfill a task, then simply don’t tell your child you would do it. False claims and fake promises make a child aggressive by nature. If your child behaves in the same manner, then this could be your fault. Be honest with your child. Always tell him/her the truth. Explain the situation rather than telling a lie.

3. Listen to your child

Be open towards your child’s say. Listen to everything that he/she tells you. When your communication is open, it will help you to deal with the problem. Understand your child’s verbal and non verbal signs. For instance, if your child does not want to go to the market, do not force him/her. A better understanding will instill discipline in your child.

4. Play with your child

To understand your child, it is important to play with your child. Once your child gets comfortable with you, he/she will vent out all the fears. Your child may also tell you why he/she doesn’t listen to you. Develop a good comfort zone, and it will help you through.

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