10 Things to Do this St. Patrick’s Day

Things to Do this St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is round the corner and is a day to celebrate! But have you decided what to do to commemorate this Irish holiday? You already know about the traditional shamrock and the green beer, but why not some more things this year to brighten things up? Whether you are working or enjoying a holiday, there are always things you could do to celebrate this Irish tradition. Listed here are 10 things to do this St Patrick’s Day.

1. Learn a little about St Patrick

The first thing you could do is read up and learn a little about the history of St Patrick’s Day. You will come across several websites and plenty of interesting information and unknown facts about this Irish patron saint. A little knowledge will make you more interested and excited to celebrate this day.

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2. Learn some Irish words

What better way to celebrate an Irish tradition than by learning a little Irish on this day? Pick up a few popular Irish words and phrases and use them in your vocabulary to come across as a true Irish on this day.

3. Learn Irish dance

Learn some Irish dance on this day. Make a small group with friends and learn together to make it more fun. You could join a local class or refer some free online tutorials and videos to pick up this unique style of dancing, a skill in which is sure to blow anyone away, once you get it right.

4. Listen to Irish music

Irish music has a rich cultural heritage and abundant popularity. It has several styles like the Celtic, folk and the pub songs as well. To get into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, you should play some Irish music at home on this day. You can also listen to the Irish rock and pop music which are also quite popular.

5. Go green

Green is the way to go on St Patrick’s Day because this is the color associated with St Patrick. Wear a green dress or T-shirt with Irish sayings. You could also use green colored accessories like hats, ties, socks or pants.

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