5 Reasons Why Dating Your Best Friend’s Ex Could be a Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Dating Your Best Friend's Ex Could be a Good Idea

Dating your best friend’s ex is not a bad idea, if you are comfortable. There is nothing to feel awkward, because that relationship is already over. You are not coming in between your best friend and her ex, it’s a closed chapter. Listed below are reasons why dating your best friend’s ex could be a good idea.

1. You find him attractive

If you had a secret crush on your best friend’s ex, now is the time to reveal your secret. Your friend’s relationship is over and she has moved on with life. Talk to him and express your feelings for him. You never know, he might be your true love. It is all about the right opportunity and feelings.

2. Your friend was at fault in the relationship

If you know your best friend’s ex, then evaluate the situation. Things might not have worked out for them, but it may for you. If it was your friend’s fault, then you know what is right for you. He may be a genuine guy, so why waste the opportunity and let him go. Tell him that you like him, who knows, you might instantly hit off with him. The most important aspect of any relationship is compatibility.

3. You do not feel insecure about him

Insecurity ruins a relationship, if it happened with your friend, then you know what is right for you. It all depends on the way you perceive the situation. There is nothing wrong in admitting your love for your best friend’s ex. If you are not insecure, then maybe the relationship will work for you in a better way.

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