7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Phones are no longer just for making calls and sending SMS’. With the advent of smartphones, the concept of owning a phone has undergone a change. Smartphones are the in-thing now. But what is it that makes smartphones so smart? Listed here are 7 amazing things you can do with your smartphone.

1. Watch Movies on the Move

Imagine how cool it would be when if you get bored anywhere outside home, you can just watch a movie on your phone. Your smartphone makes it possible. Wherever you are, you can watch movies or videos pre-loaded in your phone, just like you do on your laptop. What’s more, you can connect your smartphone to a television or a projector and can watch these movies or videos with a pack of friends. So, your phone becomes a portable movie player!

2. Locate Places

If you are new to a town or city and want to know about nearby restaurants, shops, attractions and other notable locations, your smartphone will have applications which will allow you to locate any place you are looking for. You do not have to rely on a guide for finding anything you want anymore; your smartphone will do it for you.

3. Read Books

You can download e-books and read them on your smartphone anytime anywhere. Your smartphone is preloaded with an application which is an e-book reader or you can easily install one and reading books will become so simple and manageable. There are a variety of websites from where you can download free e-books or buy them online.

4. Identify Music

If you come across a song which you may have heard before or like very much but cannot recall or want to know the name of the artist and the album, your smartphone will now make it possible. With certain applications, you can record a small part of the song or sing it, and your smartphone will run it against a database and give you the name of the album or film name and the artist.

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