5 Miley Cyrus Hairdos You’ll Love

There are many reasons why we love Miley. One of them is that she changes her look every time we see her on the red carpet. We’ve picked out a few of her best hairdos especially for you to try out. Change it up like Miley, ladies.

1. Crimped hairdo

Crimped hairdo

Photo Courtesy: Rebellion2Fate

Miley has been sporting this on her long wavy hair, but you could try this out even if you have shorter hair. If you have a crimping iron, all you have to do is take a bunch of the bottom strands of your hair and crimp them. We suggest that you be extra careful while you do this. Don’t crimp your hair all the way to the top because that will look nasty.

2. Pony


Photo Courtesy: mimosveta

What we love about Miley is that she flaunts her beautiful locks to the world without any hesitation. Look at how she’s gathered her playful tresses and disciplined them into a neat pony tail. Don’t you just love the way she bunches up her Goldilocks together?

3. Long and wavy

Long and wavy

Photo Courtesy: juandy004

This will work well if you have long hair. Fluff up your hair after you’ve washed them. Take a few separate strands of your hair and twirl them with a curling iron. If you want, you can get highlights on those strands. Apply hair mousse so that they stay in place. You’re ready to roll. Easy as that, ladies.

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