8 Best Wellness Holiday Destinations In The USA

8 Best Wellness Holiday Destinations In The USA

Do you wish to combine your leisurely vacation with a refreshing spa treatment? Then you must browse through this article and opt for one of these wellness holiday destinations and book a place at your earliest.

1. Canyon Ranch Tucson

This charming spa resort has a top-class wellness program chalked out by some of the best physiologists, nutritionists, therapists and other experts from the field. While you soak yourself in the comfy ambiance of this resort, the wellness staff at Canyon Ranch Tucson will ensure they free you from the ailments that you are suffering from.

2. Miraval

Cradled amid serene surroundings, this wellness resort is replete with the best of facilities and boasts nearly 100 spa treatments! It offers special remedies for those going through stress due to relationships, aging or health. One more added advantage, it proposes exclusive offers and discounts for the fairer sex!

3. Cal-A-Vie

Located near the bustling city of San Diego, Cal-A-Vie is a well-known health spa that is famous for its impeccable service and specialty spa treatments. It boasts a wellness program that includes skincare and body treatments. It hires 4 staff members to pamper one guest at a time! Now, that’s called an epicurean lifestyle.

4. Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore

The Four Seasons chain is known for placing their hotels and resorts amid beautiful surroundings and offering impeccable service. Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore is no exception to this. This luxury resort is nestled amidst beautiful landscapes and has an opulent interior which makes it even more desirable. To add to this, the resort offers top class body and skin treatments that will rejuvenate your senses.

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