9 Tips to Deal With a Workaholic Husband

 Tips to Deal With a Workaholic Husband

Do you remember that ambitious man telling you about his goals and dreams while you sat there all starry-eyed listing to him and nodding blissfully. Unfortunately, years later, this ambitious man is now your workaholic husband and instead of starry eyed admiration he is eliciting nothing but bitter anger in you. You are dealing with a workaholic husband, and all your attempts to get him to ease up a little have reached a stalemate. Here are some ways to deal with this situation:

1. Understand and identify the reasons

Try to understand his situation before tagging him as a ‘workaholic’. Does he have heavy workload? Has his colleagues gone for a vacation or resigned? Is he aspiring for a promotion or a raise? Understanding the reason for his work obsession will help you put things in perspective.

2. Encourage him by suggesting effective alternatives

Ask him if there is any way he can work smarter instead of harder. Encourage him to delegate the work if possible. You can also urge him to find or learn some effective time management skills which he could inculcate.

3. Utilize the free time

Imagine all the things you can do in your free time– read a book, join kickboxing coaching, watch those chick flicks with your girlfriends, or pursue a hobby. Cultivating a hobby or learning something new will help you spend this free time effectively instead of depending on your husband to constantly be around.

4. Confront him

The more you demand, the more he will withdraw. Instead, talk to him and let him know marriage too needs as much as work as his office. Do not whine, complain or play the blame game. Instead, chalk out some flexible ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in your relationship. Let him know that some things are non-negotiable.

5. Respect his perception towards work

Do some self-introspection. What is your attitude towards work? Do you expect work to be a nine-to-five job or a full time dedication? Know that your partner can have a different approach than yours. It is important that you respect his approach.

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