Top 7 Traits of a Great Boss

Top 7 Traits of a Great Boss

You are very fortunate to have a good boss who is skilled as well as has a good nature. People come across bosses who make their lives hell but there are some who have positive qualities. Here are 7 top traits of a good boss.

1. Your boss considers your opinions

A good boss would not always consider his thinking and decisions right. He would give you chances to give ideas and opinions and would consider them. He wouldn’t be egoistic thinking that because he is the boss he is right always.

2. He or she doesn’t insult and criticize

There is a way to explain someone’s mistake and criticize in a healthy manner. A good boss wouldn’t humiliate and negatively point out mistakes. He would give you constructive criticism and advice as to where you went wrong and what can be done to correct it.

3. He or she always encourages and motivates you

A good boss knows how to get their work done from employees; he would always encourage and motivate them to work hard and progress. He wouldn’t try to demotivating or lowering your moral. He would provide necessary guidance and motivation to work hard and progress.

4. Your boss does not exploit his or her position

A good boss wouldn’t misuse his post, power and authority. He wouldn’t treat anyone badly just because he has a higher post. He wouldn’t take advantage of his post and dominate everyone by forcing decisions upon them. He would not make an uncomfortable and sad work environment.

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