7 Ways to Make Your Plain Blue Jeans More Interesting

7 Ways to Make Your Plain Blue Jeans More Interesting

Are you tired of seeing and wearing your plain old blue denims which fit you perfectly but now seem boring? If yes, then this article could prove useful to you. Here are 7 funky ways by which you can make your jeans the next look in town.

1. Iron on jean patches

There are innumerable jean patch designs of varied shapes and sizes available in the market today. You simply have to iron them on to your denims and voila! You have the logo of your favorite band or a sassy quote on your jeans.

2. Use sequins and rhinestones

To make your boring old jeans sparkle and shine, you could glue on some cloth sequins and rhinestones in a particular design. They lend the denims a diva cum pop star look which will make everyone think you bought a new pair instead of merely reinventing the old one.

3. Slash them

The slashed or ripped look in jeans is a timeless one and never goes out of fashion. Take a blade or pair of scissors and rip apart your denims in slashes. To make them look even funkier, you could ‘mend’ a few of these slashes with safety pins. This gives you a rocker chick look.

4. Make them 3/4th peddle pushers

Perhaps you could do well with a change in the appearance and length of the jeans itself. Have it tailored or learn to cut the denims properly so that they look like capris or 3/4th peddle pushers. No one will ever be able to guess that this is an old pair and not a new store bought one.

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