5 Hot Styles For Frizzy Hair


Frizzy hair can be difficult to manage, especially if you are a working woman. Your hair can get frizzy if it is dried too much or if you have not used a good conditioner. It is important to shampoo your hair before you decide on any hairstyle. Always use an anti frizz serum after washing your hair if you want your hairstyle to stay on for a longer time. It is better to use a diffuser to blow dry your hair as it will spread the heat evenly and allow your hair to look shinier. Here are some hot styles for frizzy hair.

1. Long or medium puffy waves

If you have long or medium length frizzy hair, this style will look very elegant. You can wear it at a party or at a family reunion. Here is how you go about it. Use a brush to comb your hair entirely. Now from middle of the forehead, use a comb to back comb your hair slightly. You may use a brush again and pin up the middle strands with a nice pin that goes with your dress. Let some strands loose from the sides. Let the rest of the hair be open.

2. A loose bun

This hairstyle looks great on anyone. Brush your hair thoroughly and tie a pony tail in the middle of the head. Now twist the ponytail and use a butterfly pin to pin it up. You could also use bobby pins or clip to tie the bun. Allow the rest of the strands to stay out of the bun. This hairstyle looks great on any kind of dress.

3. Braids for long frizzy hair

If you have very long frizzy hair and you want a hairstyle that will not come in your way of work or not keep your hands busy, then just braid them into loose braids. Allow a few strands to stay loose on your face and tie the end of the braid with a fancy clip or a band. This hairstyle is very comfortable at workplace or when you are out shopping.

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