25 Ways to Surprise Your Valentine

6 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples

This Valentine’s Day, you can find a treasure house of ideas to celebrate with your beloved. Here are 25 ways to surprise your Valentine.

1. Get a beautiful present

Get him a lovely present; something he has been wanting for a while.

2. Send a handwritten card and chocolate to his work place

Don’t wish him but when he gets to his desk; keep a pop up card and his special candies before he gets there.

3. Take him for a game

Take him for a game of baseball or basketball. Front row seats with lot of junk food! It will be a day to remember.

4. Bake a cake

Bake him a cake with a nice message on it. Surprise him when he gets home. Even small gestures are remembered.

5. Plan a weekend getaway

Find out his plans for weekend and plan a romantic getaway at a beach resort or on the top of a mountain.

6. Buy his favorite color shirt

Buy him a shirt or t-shirt that he would absolutely love. He could wear it when you go out together.

7. Bake him heart shaped cookies

Bake him assorted cookies in a jar. It’s a sweet and thoughtful surprise.

8. Get him his favorite game

If he is into computers, you can select a range of PSP, WII and similar such games for his virtual fun.

9. Call and sing

Call him in the middle of the night and sing him a self composed song wishing him happy Valentine’s Day.

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