6 First Date Makeup Tips


First dates can be very tiring and intimidating for many. You have only a few hours to impress someone and as many hours to be impressed. Understandably a lot of effort goes into getting that perfect look on your first date. It is a little difficult if you are going on a blind first date as you would have no idea about what kind of person you are meeting. The best bet in this case would be to be who you are and take what comes to you. But if in case you had already gotten to know the person and know his tastes, you can wear makeup and clothes that would surely impress him. Here are a few makeup tips that would make your day easier.

1. Don’t pile it on

It is important that you do not pile on a lot of makeup on your first date. He is just getting to know you for the first time, so it’s important that he gets to see a bit of the real you. Apply makeup but try not to look too made up.

2. Keep your hairdo simple

A sophisticated and complex hairdo will only take up a lot of time. Also you have to constantly keep checking to see if it looks right through the date. To avoid this and to stop worrying about your hair, style it in a simple manner. You can let it loose or tie it into a simple ponytail so you don’t keep touching your hair all the time.

3. Do not overdo the eyes

Do not use too much shadow and if you really have to apply eye shadow make sure you do not use shades that are too dark or shades that are too glossy. Your eyes are the main part of your body that he’d be interested on the first date and you will make a lot of conversations through your eyes.

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