How to Kill Stress Due to Infertility?

How to Kill Stress Due to Infertility?

Infertility causes a lot of physical and mental stress on women suffering from this problem. This stress also leads to depression in few. There are many options that can be considered to kill stress caused due to infertility.

1. Do not blame yourself

The first thought that crosses the mind of women diagnosed with infertility is guilt. Do not blame yourself for this condition of yours. This will pull you into depression. Remember, this is just a physical condition which is neither predictable nor preventable. So stop blaming yourself and think of options to move forward in life. Keep yourself busy in constructive activities, get involved in charities, donations, helping the old, poor and sick; this will make you feel purposeful and an instrument of good hope. It will also enhance a “feel good factor” and keep you engaged, away from your concerns.

2. Try breathing techniques

Deep breathing exercises relax your mind and body. When you feel anxious or stressed, meditate and take deep breaths. Doing this regularly helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Fight it with Yoga

Yoga involves breathing techniques combined with physical postures. Yoga takes care of your physical health and also your mental well-being. Make Yoga a part of your daily routine to fight out anxiety and stress related to infertility.

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