5 Exercises You Can Do at Work

5 Exercises You Can Do at Work

As much as you love your job, you have to admit the fact that your job isn’t really helping you to have a healthy life. Office spaces are designed to maximize space and minimize socializing among workers which means your space is highly restricted and the chances of movement are less. As a result, you are sedentary for long periods of time which piles on the pounds and gives you occupational diseases such as chronic back pain, neck pain and discomfort of the stomach and the eye. Here are a few exercises you can do at your work place that would keep you active and relive you of the stress that builds up over the day.

1. Walking to the restroom and cafeteria

Spending too much time in these places would get you into trouble, but you can go there at least twice a day to get that much needed exercise. Walking relaxes your muscles which had been stressed out by sitting for a long time. Walk slowly, loosen your limbs and then get back to work energized.

2. Moving your neck

If you had been looking at your computer screen for too long and were sitting crouched, you are sure to end up with a lot of pain in your neck. Move away from the computer, stretch in your hair, loosen your body and move your neck up and down. Then move it sideways. Doing this even for a few minutes everyday relaxes the neck muscles.

3. Stretching your back

Stand up and try to touch your toes. Do this twice or thrice and then get back to work. If you do not want to be seen and attract unwanted attention to yourself, then you can do the same by sitting in your chair and stretch to touch your toes. This is a great way to loosen your back muscles and keep them from getting sore.

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