5 Signs Your Boyfriend is Good for Nothing

5 Signs Your Boyfriend is Good for Nothing

Love at first sight or something that has manifested out of the blue. Dark and dangerous men are edgy, handsome and offer a lot more on the platter, but are they any good? Find out before it’s too late. If you see your relationship going somewhere or wish to take it one step ahead, you need to learn if he cares as much. Or is he a good for nothing jerk? Here are 5 signs that suggest that your boyfriend is good for nothing.

1. He is indecisive about your relationship

Whenever you ask him, “so where is this going?” “how does he feel about you?” The perpetual answer is that it has just started, he doesn’t know yet and he prefers if you just enjoy in the moment and not stress about how serious or casual it is. You cannot rely on his feelings for you.

2. He does not have a job

He is living with you not because he is so in love with you, but because he cannot afford to pay his rent. You don’t even realize that he is living with you because he is crashing at your place very often. He does not work because he doesn’t know what he could do.

3. He gets wasted very often

He drinks a lot, smokes up and takes weed and other substitutes more often than you can imagine. Mostly he does not remember where he is and what is happening around. Either he is wasted or sleeping the entire day with a bad hang over.

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