7 Tips for Healthy Eyes

7 Tips for Healthy Eyes

Our eyes are our windows to the world. Not only that they are also a good reflection of our health and emotions. It reflects on your eyes when you are tired or not feeling too great. Keeping your eyes healthy also gives your face a healthy and fresh look and here are some tips to keep them healthy.

1. Stop scratching your eye too much

You get an itchy feeling in your eye when something falls into it or when it gets too dry. Stop scratching your eye when it happens. Instead, splash some clean water on your eyes. This should take care of the itching and also clean your eyes of any dirt or things that might have gotten in. Scratching your eyes can also damage your retina, so scratching is best avoided.

2. Rest your eyes adequately

If you have to stare at the computer screen throughout the day for work, make sure you rest them adequately. You can do this by closing your eyes for a few minutes at regular intervals while working or keeping your screens dimmed. Reading in a dim light should also be avoided as it strains your eyes and causes pain.

3. Eat berries, fish and dark leafy vegetables

They keep you cool and are also great for your eyes. These are rich in lutein and help slow down macular degeneration in people over sixty.

4. Get regular eye tests

It never hurts to get your eyes tests regularly. It helps especially when you are forty as regular eye exams can help diagnose and prevent eye conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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