4 Signs You are Being Emotionally Abused

4 Signs You are Being Emotionally Abused

Emotional or verbal abuse is a silent form of abuse that does not leave any physical marks on you, yet you are scarred for the rest of your life. And because there are no telltale signs of abuse to your body, people outside your home do not take it seriously and many a time do not believe victims of emotional abuse. At times you might not even know that you are being emotionally abused and keep thinking that this is just a way of life. Emotional abuse is like a disease that eats you from within and it is important to look out for signs early on if you do not want to feel its effects for the rest of your life for it can be more damaging than physical abuse.

1. You are constantly being put down

You are out with him on a date night or with the family and he never misses an opportunity to put you down. It can be small things like commenting to his friends about your lack of cooking skills or your inability to make more money in work. You will know when it is just a light hearted comment, but if it goes on every time you are out with people then it is a sure sign that you are being emotionally abused. You may not feel it immediately, but constantly putting you down would make you unsure of yourself and make you more dependent on him, always trying to please him.

2. You are being called names during a fight

Fighting is common among couples. Sometimes you give back as much as you get. But there are times when you are just arguing your views and he goes on a verbal rant calling you filthy names. When this continues on a daily basis and he calls you names at the slightest provocation, it is time you took a decision. Anger or emotional outbursts are no good reasons for him to call you names.

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