5 Easy Ways to Control Your Temper

5 Easy Ways to Control Your Temper

You may have those moments when you simply want to scream our lungs out and break everything at hand, but the fact is you always come to regret those actions later. Nothing good ever comes from a hot temper, but a cool mind can sort any issue. Hence, if you know you have a bad temper, it is always wise to get it cured as early as possible. The best part is that anger management isn’t a difficult process once you sent your mind to it. Here are 5 ways which will definitely help you gain control over your temper.

1. Start the countdown

You may often teach your children to count up to 10 whenever they are angry, but you yourself forget it as an adult. This method should not be limited to children as it can prove equally beneficial for adults. Counting to 10 basically diverts your attention from the topic which made you angry and it saves you from doing something rash at the spur of moment.

2. Get away

The best way to deal with a heated situation is to get away from the scene for a while. It is better to leave the discussion and move out rather than saying or doing something which you may later regret. Being in silence and getting some fresh air helps you cool down and think rationally.

3. Relax your body

Relaxing your body helps to calm your mind. Have you ever noticed, when you get angry you tend to stand up and shout? Try to go in the reverse direction. If you are already standing when you get angry, sit down. Or if you were seated, lie down. Go to a pose that relaxes your body and you’ll automatically feel that you are calming down.

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