Top Vintage Fashion Style Tips

Top Vintage Fashion Style Tips

Bonjour readers! So you have decided that you want to adopt the wonderfully elegant and poised vintage fashion? Congratulations! Because adopting vintage fashion is beautiful yet risky. If you do it the right way, you turn yourself into a diva whom everyone would want to imitate. But if you go wrong, you could look like a laughing stock for hundreds. But you need not worry. Just follow these smart vintage fashion tips given below and you just can’t go wrong.

1. Locate the perfect place to shop

First locate the best vintage shops where you can shop. Check out many of them instead of restricting yourself to only one store. Don’t just buy something for the sake of it. It is completely okay to jump from shop to shop and to spend hours together to find something perfect.

2. Learn how to pick the right thing

Don’t miss on the opportunity to buy something great just because it has some flaws. For example, if you find some really cool jewelry with rust, it is okay to use some vinegar to get it cleaned. The same goes for clothing. Often vintage clothing, because of being old, can slightly torn or could be looking a little dull. But as long as it is something you can repair, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

3. Pick an era

You don’t want to look like you carelessly just mixed up anything and everything together just in an attempt to dress vintage, right? So, pick a particular era which you would want to dress up like. Those having a slender boyish like body could go for the 20s and 30s style. It will complement your body perfectly. Those who are blessed with more of curves will look gorgeous in the 50s style. The style of the 40s will emphasize your shoulders and your waist. So if they are your strengths and you want to show them off, you can go with the 40s style.

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