5 Dating Rules You Should Break

5 Dating Rules You Should Break

Rules are only good as long as they are helping you in a positive manner. But when rules turn everything into cliché, where you can clearly see a scope for originality, it is best to break these rules. Dating and relationship is about two individuals and their emotions, and emotion should never be guided by rules. So, here are 5 dating rules that you should break right away and experiment by walking an original path in your life.

1. The guy must always pay

Well, if it is your first date, then yes. Even the guy wouldn’t like it if you insist on paying. But if the relationship continues after that date, it should not be a rule that the guy has to always pay for everything. Assuming that neither of you are filthy rich, obviously it would be a nice gesture from your end to treat him at times. Besides, it would also make the guy feel good and he would know that you actually care for him.

2. Women should never approach men

This has become a part of the women subconscious that it always has to be the man who asks the woman out. Not necessarily! Fear of rejection is equal in the hearts of both man and woman. So, being a woman, there is nothing wrong if you take the first step. If he refuses because he thinks you are too outwardly, you’re really better off without such a guy. Otherwise, you may even end up being a great couple.

3. Take long to respond to texts

If you always wait for a long time before responding to his texts because you feel that this will make him want you more and will not show you as being desperate, the reality of the matter is that you will never really have any meaningful conversation like this, and eventually the guy will simply get fed-up and end the relation. The best way to nurture a relation is talking, and texting is a great alternative. Make maximum use of that. Don’t go by the old rules.

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