6 Ways to Get in Shape Fast

6 Ways to Get in Shape Fast

One may get out of shape due to pregnancy, a sedentary job or bad eating habits. When you combine the junk food habit and a sedentary lifestyle, what you get is some extra pounds on your body. Your body can be sick and low on stamina dud to such a lifestyle. So, if you are one of those women who have those extra pounds due to any reason, then it is time to take an action. An overweight person has a high risk of getting a heart attack, respiratory problems, fatigue and various other health problems. Here are some tips on how to get in shape fast.

1. Set a target

Set some reasonable goals for yourself before you start to diet and exercise. One of your goals can be exercising for at least 40-45 minutes every single day. You can also set a goal of losing at least three pounds in a week. This will help you work toward your goals with more aggression. Goals motivate you and inspire to cover that extra mile.

2. Eat natural and healthy food

Don’t starve yourself just because you want to achieve the set goals within the decided time period. This will make you fall ill or perform poorly during your work out sessions. Make a list of the things you normally eat, and replace the unhealthy food items with healthier ones. For instance, if you eat a cheese burger or a pizza in lunch, then replace it with roasted chicken. Substitute your normal diet with some low-fat food items like fish, fruits and vegetables. Add low fat yogurt, low fat milk, nuts, beans and whole wheat bread to your diet. These items taste good, and are great for the body.

3. Control your sugar intake

You will surely get fat, and stay fat if you consume too much sugar. If you must have sugar in coffee or tea, then cut it down to less than one teaspoon. Don’t use sugar substitutes because research show that these substitutes can harm the brain. It is alright to have natural sugars from fruits. Shun processed sugar.

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