6 Ways to Become a Better Communicator

6 Ways to Become a Better Communicator

It is often said that people who are good communicators go far in life. Good communication skills not only help you to succeed professionally but also help you grow on the personal front. People with good communication skills can avoid conflicts that arise out of communication gap. Here are a few tips to help you become a better communicator.

1. Listen

Even if you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it, you must remember that communication is always a two way process. You cannot continue a conversation without responding to what has been said. For this you need to keep an open mind and not assume or preempt what people might say, but listen carefully and respond accordingly.

2. Read between the lines

It’s very important to pick up sarcasm as well as double meanings. You must also be able to interpret body language and be able to understand the context of a conversation. If you are unable to do put two and two together, there is a possibility of miscommunication. You also stand a chance of making a fool out of yourself.

3. Respect the other person

You may agree to what is being said or completely disagree to it. However, one thing you must do is respect the other person and their opinion. You must not come across as brash and rude.

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